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Wentiay-bangao (/wɛntiáyəbangáo/) is an international auxiliary language for the 22nd century, intended for communication between people of different mother tongues. Our goal is to create a language that is both fair and easy to learn. As an international auxiliary language, we aim to make it more globally recognized and popular.



The best! My favorite flawed language of all time!

To hell with international auxiliary languages! I have good news for you! We are not serious about spreading this language all over the world. In fact, we can’t do it anyway.

If a true international auxiliary language means spreading the language throughout the world, then surely we cannot create such a thing.

Of course, there is no way to unify all languages into one. Humanity can’t even have one programming language.

We’re going to fail anyway.

For eternity.

Has there ever been a time in human history when an artificial international auxiliary language has become a universal language? Only a handful of people know Esperanto, which is probably the most famous of all artificial languages. Even Esperanto, the most famous of the artificial languages, is known by only a handful of people. And you can probably count on one hand the number of languages other than Esperanto that have become lingua franca you remember. (This may be a bit false, since you’ve gone to the trouble of reading this site.) In other words, most people are not interested in international auxiliary languages.

We all know that the best way to communicate with people around the world is to use a language that is widely spoken, such as English. The best way for us to communicate with people around the world is to either use a widely spoken language such as English, or The best way for us to communicate with people around the world is to use a language that is widely spoken, such as English, or one of us can use the other’s native language.

To begin with, have you ever thought about the 22nd century? Technology will be more advanced than it is now. You can be sure that translators will be better than ever. We won’t even have to learn English, which currently looks (and practically is) like a universal language. Do you think the humanity will need this language in such an age?

In the first place, language is the most efficient communication protocol that mankind has “so far” been able to use to convey information. But in reality, it is essentially an ambiguous, complex, and unstable communication protocol. However, the reality is that it is inherently ambiguous, complex, and unstable. misunderstandings and misinterpretations. It’s really ambiguous, complex, and unstable. In order to communicate perfectly, we should first consider non-verbal methods of communication.

…… We know I’ve told a sad story to some of you. We still make this language. It will be a failure as a true international auxiliary language. It will be a flawed language. But we will make an international auxiliary language. We’re sure it’s for the same reasons as other languages like those in the SCJ.

We make them because we want to.

If you are willing to keep the above in mind and collaborate with us on this language, you are most welcome. We’re always waiting for you to join us!

Contact: @skytomo221